Intercultural Shots

[Youth Exchange] Intercultural Shots [May 2008 / Birmingham – UK ]

Intercultural Shots has been a meeting of young people thet used video to analyse culturel identities and differences in a free space of expression.
During the project young people exchanged their thoughts the production of short movies. Cinema has been used to give value to cultural diversities for a better future of mutual understanding. The activities gave the possibility to the participants to share and discover a specific multicultural context like UK and how to comunicate these concepts in the future Video. Non formal education has been used throught the whole activity.
The countries involved were Italy, UK, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Lithuania, Greece, France, Peru, Turkey.


The project has been funded by EU and European Youth Foundation.
Special thanks to Hardish Virk, Shaida/Ulfaharts, trevor, Young Discepols, Martin Watson, The Rainbow.

Partners Organizations:

INCA Italy
INCA Cataluna
INCA Germany
Puzzle (Portugal)
Bergsjöns Kultur & Mediaverkstad (Sweden)
Austeja and friends (Lithuania)



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