Space for Development and Intercultural Exchange


Project: Space for Development and Intercultural Exchange

INCA is a network of international organizations working in the field of the arts and in the socio-educational sector.

INCA selected five young artists (under 30) to benefit from the use of the INCA arts space with support and guidance from our creative team. INCA was supporting the development of these five artists each in their own individual artistic practice. This call was for London based practitioners wishing to access their own space and benefit from working alongside an international, intercultural and multi-disciplinary group.
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INCA Space:
The INCA arts space was an adaptable and eclectic space. Successful applicants were able to access this space and use it to develop and share work.

-Personal artistic growth.
-Enhanced sense of intercultural artistic practice.
-To offer a secure and suitable working environment for the development of new work.

Starting 1st of December 2011- 1st of May 2012




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