INCA UK goes to Brussels…

One of INCA’s member took part in the meeting in Brussell for the Participatory Video project.

This project focused on sharing experiences, methods and good practices in youth work field, specifically using Participatory Video (PV). The project was hosted in Brussels for 3 days and had youth workers from the following countries: Italy, UK,

France, Belgium and Germany with 10 participants. This project brought young people and youth workers from diverse European backgrounds together to participate in the evaluation of the previous meetings we did together about PV.

Our project is a result of a Feasibility visit that took place in Berlin between the 30th of March and the 2nd of April 2010 funded by the German National Agency. The training gave the possibility to the participants to exchange how to use different methods connected with Participatory Video in order to increase social inclusion. During this Training the participants had a very good overview, proposals about new projects ideas in Europe. Each organization came with information about their future plans; so that they will concretely establish new projects. And our project is a result of a Training Course that took place in Marseille between the 7th of November and the 12th of November 2010 funded by the French National Agency. During this Course an Italian teacher learned us everything about Participatory Video. The primary focus of the Training was analyzing the topical subject of immigration through the innovative tool of Participatory Video (

So, this evaluation meeting is a one of the few milestones of the whole PV project in the long run.In Brussels we came together to evaluate every step we achieved till now and to organize future steps about PV. Using methods such as brainstorm, association games and discussions we were about to make a whole format about PV for the young participants, which could be useful for every partner.



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