Theatre as a Tool for Intercultural Dialogue

Theatre as a Tool for Intercultural Dialogue

20 – 26 September 2011

Izmir, Turkey

This project had a Trainer from INCA UK and 3 participants.

This project brought young people from diverse European backgrounds together to participate in an activity using Theatre Tools for Intercultural Dialogue.
The primary focus of the Training was analysing the topical subject of diversity and all its related issues. Activities included working in groups, having a practical experience at international level. Spain, Belgium, Turkey, Italy, Uk, Poland, Romania were our partner counties.  21 Participants will attended this project.

We had 4 trainers from İtaly, Spain, UK and Turkey.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. Turkish National Agency is general coordinator and supporter of  this projects.

Working Language: English

Project Team
Emanule Nargi   – UK
Riccardo Brunetti   – Italy
Stefano DArgenio  – Spain
Ahmet ÖNCEL   – Turkey

Project Website:!video



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