Creativity and Entrepreneurship Vs Unemployment – Training for Trainers and Youth Workers


Training for Trainers and Youth Workers
Come and join us from 27th October to the 3rd of November

This was a seven-day training course about exploration of creativity in the working system.
The participants have been guided through different methods to value creatively artistic initiatives. The primary focus of the Training Course was the use of theatre as tool to work with and for Young people from various backgrounds.
The project was based on practical work.

24 participants (trainers, youth workers, activists, volunteers, etc.) that work and/or act in the educational and artistic sector from Armenia, Ukraina, UK, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Georgia, Moldova.

Training Team
Emanuele Nargi: UK
Stefano D’Argenio: Spain
Riccardo Brunetti: Italy

The project has been funded by Youth in Action Program.

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