Tools Of Social Photography for Creative Actions

Tools Of Social Photography for Creative Actions
16th-22nd October 2012 
Vilnius Lithuania

The project  was focused on learning tools and good practices in the youth work arena – more concretely how to use different methods connected with social photography to increase intercultural dialogue and raise awareness toward global challenges. The participants achieved  a very good  overview and practical experience of tools, which they used in their local context with any necessary modifications for their specific needs.

18 participants from UK, Spain, Italy, Romania, Slovenia and Lithuania will analyze the importance of the concept of non-discrimination, tolerance and relevant connected issues, the Training will last 5 days. One of the main purpose of this project was to develop and discuss new ideas for further creative projects in the field of youth-culture and to train a significant proportion of professionals that can spend the tools and skills acquired in this project at international level.

Emanuele Nargi             INCA UK
Estefano D’Argenio      INCA CATALUNYA
Egidijus Kabosis            INCA LT
Audrius Mickevicius   INCA LT

This project has been funded by Youth in Action Lithuanian National Agency

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