European Youth Policy for Creative Youth

Youth in Action
December 2013 – February 2014


The project aimed to bring together a group of selected artists from all theatrical mediums (visual arts, street theatre, circus, clown, social theatre, performance art, physical theatre, dance, audiovisual) , which believe in Art as a tool for creating social change in society.

Using ‘The Ship Of Fools’:
as a stimulus and metaphor the participant investigated and explored nowadays ‘exclusion” (e.g. Unemployed).

This project consisted of a series of events for unemployed young artists from London.

The project has been funded by the Youth in Action programme (UK National Agency – British Council) of the European Commission.

Main events included:
– A series of Meetings for youth in London
– 15 days European Creativity Residential course in the West Country
– A final presentation in London
– Workshops (various locations across London)
– meeting/conference

The Training

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Rehearsing  for the event

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The Final Event&Conference

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The Ship of Fools – Behind the Scenes